How to manage domain in

Login to My information > Domain > My Domain > Click the box with your domain or click the spanner button. You can check the domains under management. 



Information about the domain and management menus allow you to update, name server settings, lock the registry, add addons, manage DNS, issue an EPP code, and modify contact information. 



  1. Automatic renewal


Automatically renews your domain to prevent it from expiring.

You can change the activation state of automatic renewal.


  1. Nameserver




You can check the name server of the current domain. If you want to change the name server, click Custom name server and delete the existing name server and enter a new one.

Sometimes you get an error message called Data missing. This message will be resolved after a while. You can change the name server when the message is not displayed.







  1. Registrar lock


This feature prevents you from transferring your current domain to another agency without permission. 


  1. Addons



You can use ID protection, DNS host record management, E-mail forwarding.

To use the email forwarding function, click the forwarder of the email in the cPanel. 



If you go into the forwarder, you will see Add forwarder and Add domain forwarder. 



Adding forwarders is where you write emails to be forwarded and domain forwarders are where you write addresses such as


  1. Contact information

To help you manage your domain, you can modify three contacts: Registrant, Admin, and Tech.



  1. Private Name Server

You can register the name server you want to use and use the ip modification and deletion function.



  1. DNS management

It is the same as the DNS Host Management feature in Addons. You can also change IP address.



  1. Receive the EPP code

When clicked, the EPP code is forwarded to the domain owner’s e-mail. 

EPP code is a valid code for domain transfer.




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