Auto SSL by cPaenl.


Auto ssl is a free SSL provided by cPanel.

You can use it for a period of 3 months and it will be automatically renewed.

However, because it's free, the site slows down a bit and there is no guarantee.

If you want warranty or want to use multiple subdomains

You can use epart's SECTIGO SSL.



The site is warned that secure connections (HTTPS) are not currently in use.


Since July 2018, Google Chrome has marked `` insecure '' for http sites and has highlighted the address bar to make the Internet more secure.

Login to and access cPanel from My Services.




Click Security SSL / TLS Status.




You can see that the lock is currently red and press Run AutoSSL. It may take a while, please wait.



If the SSL installation is complete, you can see the success message.


You can see that the red lock turns green.


If you go back to the ( site, you’ll now have a secure connection. You can check that it says it’s a safe site.


If you click the certification, you can see the detailed information. You can check the validity period of the certificate for 3 months.

You can also check that the issuer is cPanel.

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