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We offer branding design, web development, and digital marketing services to corporations and SMEs. Our extensive experience in digital transformation is evident in our website portfolio. Let us help transform your business in the digital world.

Coex website portfolio

COEX - website portfolio

Epart proudly showcases its work with COEX, a leading exhibition and cultural arts industry showcase. We have been entrusted with handling the entire spectrum of COEX’s branding, website development, responsive web design, WordPress implementation, and marketing. Our team has effectively communicated COEX’s visual identity and corporate values through our comprehensive services.

Hanwha Q CELLS website portfolio

Hanwha Q CELLS - website portfolio

Epart is proud to present our collaboration with Hanwha Q CELLS, where we have played a crucial role in facilitating the growth of our client’s business through cloud hosting, website management, and marketing strategies. Our website management services help our clients promote their products and services to global markets, enabling them to reach new customer segments.

Seoul Living Design Fair - website portfolio

Epart is proud to showcase our work with the Seoul Living Design Fair website, where we have developed a deep understanding of customer needs and tailored our services accordingly. Our collaboration involved branding strategy, website development, management through WordPress, and creating a responsive web design to offer a more user-friendly experience.


CAAN - website portfolio

Epart is excited to present our work with the CAMPUS Asia Alumni Network (CAAN), a responsive web design project that was brought to life through our branding strategy and website development expertise. This project offers users a high-quality experience with a sophisticated design, delivering new value and benefits to its audience.

AXEL - website portfolio

At Epart, we are proud to showcase our work with the Axel project, where we provide users with an in-depth experience through a powerful branding strategy and intuitive UI/UX design. With our creative copywriting approach and responsive web design, we ensure that the “Amazing eXperience to Exceed your Limit” (Axel) offers a flawless user experience across mobile devices.

National Museum of Korea - website portfolio

he National Museum of Korea’s website was developed using Java language to meet the requirements of a public institution. With a responsive design and an added reservation payment system, the site is easily accessible on mobile devices, ensuring seamless booking services. The user-friendly services offered on the website cater to the needs of its visitors while effectively representing the image and reputation of the National Museum of Korea.

JobWorld Partners

. JobWorld Partners’ website showcases well-crafted branding and customer-centric design and functionality, ensuring an optimal user experience on both desktop and mobile devices through responsive web design. This approach has led to an increase in website visitors and the potential for more effective digital marketing outcomes.

Danubo, an online shopping mall

Introducing Danubo, an online shopping mall offering oral care and skincare products. With responsive web design and strategic branding, Danubo provides an optimal user experience for customers, while raising brand awareness through digital marketing. Check out Epart’s website portfolio to see the creative design and strategic marketing of Danubo, a testament to our expertise and commitment to quality.

Football Travel

Our travel shopping mall is tailored for European football enthusiasts, offering EPL ticket sales along with a responsive design and a convenient payment system to ensure easy mobile access. Through digital marketing, we reach out to football fans worldwide and promote the distinctive competitive edge of our football travel packages.


The Miism website offers mindful magnetic imagery to help users cultivate mental well-being and enhance concentration. With a convenient payment system and responsive design, it ensures easy accessibility on mobile devices. Renowned for its striking design and technical prowess, the website consistently delivers high user satisfaction

Smart Mobility Logistics Industry Exhibition

The Smart Mobility Logistics Industry Exhibition website, designed by iPart, offers exhibitor registration and visitor applications. Utilizing WordPress for a responsive design, SEO optimization, and digital marketing strategies, the website has gained increased attention. The platform elevates user convenience with easy registration and reservation processes for both exhibitors and visitors.

Seoul Future Heritage

The Seoul Future Heritage website is a public agency platform dedicated to preserving and facilitating travel to Seoul’s modern and contemporary buildings. With a responsive design and map-based travel guides, users can easily access information. Utilizing Java, the website enhances stability and security for a reliable user experience.

Asia Theological University

The Asia Theological University website features a responsive web design optimized for mobile devices, efficiently providing college admission and academic information. Additionally, with a content management system in place, content updates are easily managed, while the user-friendly UI/UX ensures effortless navigation and information exploration.

Goyang International Flower Exhibition

The Goyang International Flower Exhibition website features a responsive design and user-centered UI/UX, allowing for easy access to participant registration and event schedules. Integration with SNS and digital marketing enables extensive communication with a wide range of users. Moreover, the website showcases the beauty of flowers through its design, effectively conveying the value of the exhibition.

Cerins - website portfolio

Cerins, a leading trading company, has benefited from Epart’s expertise and experience throughout the entire process, from branding planning to multilingual website development and maintenance. Our responsive web design allows mobile users to easily access the site, while our marketing strategy and SEO optimization have successfully attracted website visitors and increased customer acquisition.

Kumkang Pentelium - website portfolio

The Kumkang Pentelium website, created by Epart, reflects the brand’s value and vision through a well-crafted branding plan. Utilizing SEO and SNS marketing, among other digital marketing strategies, the site successfully targets a specific audience and increases customer acquisition rates. Additionally, by employing Amazon Web Services cloud hosting for a stable service operation, the website’s system construction ensures high customer satisfaction.

Women Architects Association

A platform fostering communication, knowledge sharing, and personal growth for women in the field of architecture. Epart has created a sophisticated and highly functional website with a focus on design, offering a variety of features that enable networking and international exchange among members. This empowering platform contributes to the enhancement of its members’ skills and expertise in the architectural realm.

Chungmu Startup Cube

The Chungmu Startup Cube website actively utilizes reservation management and engaging video visuals to provide valuable information for aspiring entrepreneurs. With a responsive design, it easily caters to both startup enthusiasts and the general public. Leveraging Java, our website ensures accurate information and swift responses for a seamless user experience.

Pumpkin Networks

Our platform delivers an intuitive and user-friendly experience for customers of a network equipment sales and operation service company through dynamic visuals and responsive design. By doing so, we assist in strengthening the online brand presence and growth of Pumpkin Networks.

Lighting Travel Shopping Mall

The Lighting Travel Shopping Mall, designed by iPart, was created for the sale of lighting products. Developed using Cafe24, the platform features a product-centric design and a responsive layout for a user-friendly experience. Additionally, an online payment system is integrated to support easy and hassle-free transactions.

Vietnam Community Purchasing Agency

Our platform is structured around a customer-centric user experience design, actively responding to diverse client needs through a responsive design and content management system. By utilizing digital marketing strategies, we target a broad market, delivering convenient and high-value services to our customers. Through these efforts, we continuously provide increased convenience and value to our clients.

Gangnam Design Model

focuses on brand design and provides detailed introductions to the creation concepts and methods of each model. Showcasing expertise through an extensive website portfolio, the website offers users a direct experience with interactive design and intuitive UI/UX.

Seoul Actuarial Consulting Firm

Our platform has been developed with a strong emphasis on responsive design and user experience (UI/UX). Additionally, we offer branding planning and digital marketing features specifically tailored for actuarial professionals. The website is optimized for user convenience, providing a wealth of valuable information for experts active in the actuarial field.

Everbrain Consulting Corporation

Our website provides a wide range of services, including career consulting, headhunting, and reputation inquiry. Emphasizing responsive design and user experience, we have crafted a website that incorporates branding design. Everbrain Consulting delivers top-notch consulting services tailored to the needs of its clients through the website.


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